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Everyone has heard about Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. But I know more about the SSC Ultimate Aero TT than just real speed enthusiasts, and the American car is primarily designed for knocking down speed records of street cars.

In 2009, the SSC Ultimate Aero was aimed at reaching a speed of 432 km/ h, which unfortunately did not happen. However, the Veyron Super Sport managed to cover 431 km / h, which meant a slap in the face for the Americans.

Therefore, at the end of this year, there will be a new SSC car, which at the moment nothing specific is known. The car was apparently drawn by Jason Castriota, the Creator of the stunning Bertone Mantida(shown in Shanghai 2009), after which it differs greatly from the current SSC Ultimate Aero.
Technically, the latest version of the SSC Ultimate Aero TT boasted a capacity of 1,350 HP, while the propeller is a V8 biturbo capable of developing more than 9000 rpm, with the red zone being at this value. The price for this car is about 696,000 euros. The car will reach a speed of 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds, and the top speed will be 443 km / h, which at least theoretically means that it hit a Veyron. Tuatara is the name Of a new Zealand lizard that is considered to be the life whose DNA develops fastest.

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