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Какая модель авто вам нравится больше всего?


Cars that students can afford

Taking into account the epidemiological situation, surely there are many that have contemplated more seriously the need for a private car. One of the least protected segments of society are actually students as they are the ones that most often use public transportation, where, in turn, there is a higher probability of getting infected. Besides, students are mostly located in the biggest cities of Latvia where the morbidity rates are higher.

A private car is a part of personal hygiene in those complicated times. Besides, it is well known how the masks are worn on public transportation! If one has a private car, it is possible to go without the mask completely and not worry about getting infected. Also, a private car enables visiting stores more easily. And during this period it is especially topical - just to avoid the long queues in front of the markets! Unfortunately, due to the limited number of store visitors, waiting for one's turn in a queue now may even take up an hour. More on how realistic it is for a student to buy one's own car and what are the best brands when it comes to price, we will reveal in the continuation in cooperation with classifieds portal It is an innovative market platform in Latvia, where you can post ad for free.

CO2 - yes!

Even though we are approaching the era when manufacturing of new petrol or diesel-powered cars will be forbidden, the least environmentally friendly car models are still the most realistic options when it comes to buyers with a limited budget. Even though in the European Green Deal we can read a lot about the necessity to decrease CO2 emissions and setting stricter standards, air-polluting engines are still the ones that get a “yes” when it comes to those that cannot afford electric cars or hybrids. Therefore, if a student is looking for his/her own personal new car, on the classifieds portal there should be viewed ads of used cars with an internal combustion engine. In the search criteria of, one can mark the condition of the car - either it is new or used, and indicate the type of engine.

Opel Astra-G

One of the most economical models in the market is Opel Astra-G. On, at the moment there can be found a model of this brand manufactured in 1999 for a price that is lower than 1000 euro. Besides, Opel is one of the most favorite brands in Latvian car market. Opel Astra-G was manufactured until 2004 as a sedan and a hatchback. This car is a very safe option as it has a sufficient number of safety features, including ABS. However, one should take into account the high oil consumption.

Ford Focus

One more leader of economical cars is Ford Focus. It was manufactured from 1998 until 2004. Those models are one of the best-selling on the classifieds portal. At the moment, one of the best options on the portal is a used red 2003 Ford Focus Sedan. It is offered by an enterprise Autokompleks that has a parking lot of over 150 cars, located in Riga, Maskavas iela 450 M. This car at the time had the best chassis in its class. However, one should take into account such possible minuses as rust and problems with keys getting stuck. The lowest price for this model on at the moment is 1250 euro which is also approximately this model's average market price.

Renault Megane

A used Renault Megane can also be bought at democratic prices. It has been manufactured comparatively more recently: 2002-2008. This car has obtained 5 stars at Euro NCAP safety test. On, there are a few ads where it is being sold for less than 2000 euro. For example, Luks Talsi, an enterprise that has been selling used cars in Latvian market since 1995, is offering a used, bronze color, 2004 Megane Scenic model with 5 gears. One of the advantages of when it comes to looking for the desired car model, is the opportunity to view the sellers' website as each separate ad is automatically linked to the user's profile. Therefore, one can get more info on additional bonuses offered by each seller. For example, the previously mentioned enterprise Luks Talsi, provides an opportunity to also switch cars.

Toyota Yaris

A feminine, compact and appealing choice is the successor of Starlet - Toyota Yaris. The car was manufactured from 1999 until 2006. It can be purchased for less than 2000 euro. At the moment, there are 2 offers of this model on one is for the price of 2250 euro, the other one - for 2790 euro. In both cases, the seller is an enterprise with its own parking lot.

The cheapest of those models posted on has even a warranty of 1 year. It is an especially important aspect to a student that has a limited budget. One should note that there are no warranties given when buying a car from a private seller, which means that the unseen costs for the service will have to be covered from one's own pocket. A warranty, in turn, ensures a paid service if it is needed (during the indicated time period in the warranty). Therefore, not only when choosing a Toyota Yaris, but any other car brand, to someone with a limited budget it is highly recommended to purchase a car from an official seller that provides a warranty.

Skoda Fabia

Another great car in terms of price is Skoda Fabia. On, it can be obtained starting from 2000 euro up to 2690 euro. It is still considered to be one of the most modern small cars. When debuting in 1999, it overtook the technique of Polo 9N. It can also be considered as one of the most reliable cars, taking into account that on Auto Bild's complaint book almost none bad complaint has been included. However, when choosing this model, it is highly recommended for one to make sure that there is a built-in conditioner.

Opel Corsa

Finally, recommends to students Opel Corsa. It will surely be possible to find a good and reliable model for up to 3000 euro . A significant bonus of this car are the comparatively economical motors, which is especially important if the budget is limited.

A student also must test the car!

Even though skipping a service before the final purchase may seem a reasonable choice to save the money, it is very likely to pay back in much greater expenses in the nearest future. Especially if the means are limited, it is even more important to make sure of the technical condition of the car before its purchase. Very often even the very owner of the car does not have objective information of the true condition of the car. And a passed roadworthiness test does not mean that a car has no problems.

A car diagnostics should be an integral part of the car purchase process. During the diagnostics, a service specialist performs a visual checkup and also connects the vehicle to a computer system that reflects the problems of the car as codes. This way, a mechanic can predict how long the car will be usable and what the repair costs in the nearest future may be. Also, it helps to find out more precisely what are the actual expenses related to the car maintenance.

Also, it is important to go on a test drive. Thus, one can make sure of the condition of the brakes and steering gear, as well as conclude how comfortable it is to drive the car. By skipping a test drive, only after purchasing a car one may reveal significant drawbacks. And if one had found out about them in a more timely manner, very often a purchase would not have even been made.

Assess the necessity!

The classifieds portal also recommends to carefully assess one's need of a personal car. Undeniably, during pandemic it is greater than ever. If one travels often on a train, intercity bus or public transportation, it is surely much safer to go on a private vehicle. But there are also cases when a bicycle is enough. However, if one has to travel a longer distance, still the only option may be a car.

Another valuable feature of is the option to create personal filters! If you are looking for your economical car, register on the portal, enter the relevant criteria and save the filter - as soon as a new ad appears that meets the marked criteria, a notification will be sent both on the platform as well as an email. Thus, one will be able to be among the first that contacts the seller of the desired car!

Besides, not only students' budgets are limited, also a great deal of new specialists and families have a comparatively small budget. That is precisely why we believe that the top of economical cars offered in this article will be useful not only for students, but also for many other readers!

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