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The car is initially driven by an aircraft engine, a prototype originally developed for the Eurofighter. When the BloodHound SSC reaches almost 500 km / h, a hybrid rocket developed by a young man just 24 years old (the first creation in this area was at the age of 5) will light up to provide acceleration to a maximum speed of 1600 km / h.

The third engine, one for 800 HP of gasoline, is used as an auxiliary energy source, as well as for delivering rocket fuel to the combustion chamber. For added avant-garde, a monobrat telescopic suspension with guide joints was also used, a solution with a strong visual impact, but with more than dubious advantages. Chair we are curious to see how this suspension will behave during periods of braking before turning.
Four wheels with a diameter of 910 mm will rotate up to 10 500 and are made of solid Titanium to withstand centrifugal forces up to 50 000g/ Along with these two concepts will also demonstrate the model range for 2008, including Hayabusa, primadona nipone and B-king, a concept that has been threatening to become a reality for more than a year.

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