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Какая модель авто вам нравится больше всего?



Ask any car tuning enthusiast about the Toyota Prius, and you'll most likely get laughs and tasteless jokes about the Japanese hybrid. In this case, we are sure that this car will receive only greetings and applause. Or are we wrong?

About the Toyota Prius, I really can't say that it's an ugly car, because it has a nice design and enough personality. This is true, in the world of tuning, there is no place for smart cars, but at least theoretically, any car can become much more aggressive with the right tuning. Yes, I know it looks like photoshop, but it's not.
This is also the philosophy of the Japanese tuner Kuhl Racing, which began to modify the banal Prius, and the result is worthy of the most crazy comics jaoneze manga. It is difficult to explain in words, so it is better to watch this demo video yourself:

Going through the exterior kit that looks like an SF, it's worth noting the combination of 19-inch wheels and air suspension, as the ground clearance can get extremely low-so I'm wondering if the car can still work. At the moment, this is just one model that will never be yours.

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